Published: 18th July 2018

Carpathia Exhibition Launches at SS Nomadic

Janet Rostron launches Carpahtia exhbition

On the 100th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Carpathia, the ship that rescued over 700 lives following Titanic’s tragic sinking, an exhibition to not only commemorate but celebrate the ship, was launched on board SS Nomadic by the great granddaughter of the Captain on that fateful night.

Although lesser known than RMS Titanic and Captain Smith, RMS Carpathia and Captain Rostron played a fundamental role in the Titanic story. The exhibition, which is running for one month (17th July – 17th August 2018), tells the story of how it braved dangerous ice fields and diverted all steam power to the engines for the Titanic rescue mission, as well as details of the journey back to New York and the aftermath, uniquely through the eyes of those whose relatives were on board Carpathia or were those rescued.

Relatives from as far away as America and Australia have supported the exhibition by submitting their stories.

Janet Rostron, commented, “As Captain Rostron’s great granddaughter, I’m delighted to be in Belfast to launch this exhibition, which showcases a selection of personal stories about Carpathia. It offers a truly unique perspective and uncovers new accounts of what happened to those who were saved and those who did the saving on that fateful night. I’m so thankful for those relatives who have sent images and stories to be included and that these will be showcased this summer at Titanic Belfast and SS Nomadic.”

Judith Owens, Titanic Belfast and SS Nomadic’s Chief Executive commented, “Titanic Belfast and SS Nomadic tell the story of Titanic, from her conception in Belfast, to her famous maiden voyage and tragic end, and Carpathia played a pivotal role in the story. This exhibition showcases Carpathia, the action she took and the lives she saved, and uniquely through the eyes of those on board or whose relatives were saved.  We are proud that we could share these stories not only with Janet but with all our visitors from throughout the world this summer.”

The exhibition also charts her timeline from serving as a passenger ship, through her service in WWI to her sinking when she was serving as a Canadian and USA Expeditor Forces troop transport and was torpedoed off the Irish Coast.

Titanic Belfast and SS Nomadic make up the world’s largest Titanic visitor experience, located on the exact spot where RMS Titanic was built and launched. Described by the Guardian as “an inspiring testament to the Titanic and the city that built it”, the critically-acclaimed experience is a must-see for visitors in 2018 and beyond. For more information, visit