Board of Trustees

Titanic Foundation has a Board of Trustees who act in an advisory capacity to the Executive Team.

  • Marie-Thérèse McGivern, Chair
  • Mark Beattie
  • Dr Sally Montgomery
  • Denis Power
  • Mary MacIntyre
  • Denis Rooney
  • Kevin Kingston
  • Gerry Hughes

Key responsibilities for the Board of Trustees are:

  • Setting the strategic objectives and overseeing the implementation of the objectives
  • Compliance with the obligations, including the objects, purposes and values of the organisation
  • The solvency, financial strength and good performance of the organisation
  • Raising any further finance required to finance any investment decisions
  • To identify, regularly review and mitigate risks
  • Monitoring the performance of Titanic Belfast Limited
  • Keeping funders and donors informed on the performance of Titanic Belfast
  • To support, appraise and remunerate the Chief Executive
  • Setting and maintaining a framework of delegation and internal control
  • Agreeing or ratifying all policies and decisions on matters which might create significant risk to the organisation, financial or otherwise.

Marie-Thérèse McGivern


Gerry Hughes, MRTPI, FRICS.

Board Trustee

Kevin Kingston

Dr Sally Montgomery OBE

Board Trustee

Mark Beattie

Board Trustee

Denis Power

Board Trustee

Mary MacIntyre OBE

Board Trustee

Dr Denis Rooney, CBE

Board Trustee