Values and Charitable Objectives

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The Board and Executive team are committed to the following values:

  • Passionate – Titanic Foundation is passionate about heritage and will undertake its role passionately with a view to spreading this enthusiasm to others.
  • Endeavour – the Foundation is inspired by the Titanic story of human endeavour and innovation. It will use all its efforts to achieve its objectives. The Foundation will always strive to do better and achieve more.
  • Creative – Belfast’s maritime and industrial heritage is a story of ingenuity and creativity. The Foundation will seek creative solutions to our work, challenging its partners and stakeholders to be creative.
  • Integrity – to be open and honest in all its dealings.
  • Resourceful – to be efficient, identify opportunities and partnerships which will maximise impact. The Foundation will utilise the skills and expertise of its stakeholders and partners.

Our charitable objectives are:

  • To develop and promote Queen’s Island as an authentic maritime heritage destination and shared space for Belfast and Northern Ireland.
  • To manage and monitor the operator of Titanic Belfast® to deliver a world class experience.
  • To engage, educate and maximise opportunities for local communities in Belfast and Northern Ireland.
  • To preserve maritime heritage assets on Queen’s Island and enhance the authenticity of the destination.
  • To initiate and promote destination collaboration to enhance the visitor experience.
  • To be a highly efficient charity with an effective team and governance structure.
  • To be recognised by and add value to our stakeholders.